About Us

Tracy Duchene;

Ageless, gorgeous, exasperated

A native of New Hampshire, Tracy graduated Southern Virginia University in theatre before going on to serve an LDS mission in the Philippines. She returned to the states where she moved to Orlando, Florida to work in food & beverage before finally making a move in 2020 back to New England.

Tracy believes in horror movies, supports every atom of Chris Evans, and can always be found burrowed in a blanket with tea- the drinking kind and the gossip kind.

Kaylee Petersen;

Enduring, beautiful, confused

A Californian native, Kaylee made it through 4 universities before finishing at Southern Virginia University (without meeting Tracy, alas), before making her way to Orlando, Florida to work in professional roles. She suffered through the heat until making an equally random move westward.

Kaylee believes in Broadway music, supports expired sauces, and can always be found sitting on the floor with three devices in hand for story writing and trash talk.

Tracy and Kaylee support love, open hearts, and open minds. There is no place for hate on our podcast or in our lives. If you have complaints, please make sure to thoroughly write them out in detail before driving out (to these coordinates: 42.4347° N, 83.9850° W ) and pulling out a lighter to light them on fire and never be heard about again. If you have ideas or believe you have a great story to share on our podcast, please contact us below.


And finally, if you have compliments, then please contact us immediately.

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