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Updated: Mar 21, 2021

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Meet us, Kaylee & Tracy, as we introduce ourselves and our first episode of the podcast!

Meeting Your Hosts

We love taboo topics. We are experts. And we have all the answers even though we’re still in our (late) twenties.

Tracy is going to be the village witch and Kaylee is going to be the crazy cat (and ferret?) lady. What do we have in common? We’re members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints who are SINGLE.

As we introduced ourselves, we wanted to encourage everyone to find their lighthouse. A lighthouse, as described in this week’s episode, is your ultimate goal for your life. Tracy gets a literal one where she can wear large Victorian nightgowns and sing to wayfaring sailors. But what about you? What’s your lighthouse?

There’s a goal that we are each reaching for. It might be school, marriage, or something else. We are here to encourage you to go for it! We will help you. With real estate assistance, spiritual guidance, and FACTS.

The Name of Our Podcast

We want to talk about being single in the church. It’s not just for the young adults, by the way. Both of us will be aging out in the next couple of years, like many of our friends. This explains the second half of our podcast’s name.

Regarding the first half, as Kaylee points out, we’re dying from the day we’re born. Memento Mori. This popular LDS dish is typically prepared for the family in mourning. But we can also apply it to the way we are living right now. If we’re always dying, then it’s always time for a delicious dish of funeral potatoes. This is also a chance for us to mourn what we simply don’t have.

As Tracy put it, “Through this podcast, we are having a ‘funeral’ for the lives that we originally thought we were going to have.”

By bringing these potatoes to this funeral of ours, we are letting go of those dreams and expectations. No longer will there be a future for us at 30 years old with five kids and a minivan.

And that’s okay! Because we get to focus on something else. Other dreams, like the plan that Heavenly Father has for us. Then as a reward, we get to eat the potatoes. Our podcast is a celebration of life and potatoes.

A Podcast with Purpose

While we wholeheartedly love the gospel and believe it, we know that Sunday School can often gloss over a lot of hard and awkward topics. Because we don’t talk about them, they become taboo topics that no one wants to talk about. These include:

  1. Mental Health

  2. Gender Identity

  3. Dating as Someone Newly Divorced

We are all going through our own problems. Because not everyone knows how to help, the typical advice received from the church tends to be, “Just pray about it.” But that’s not how it works! We need to do better and do more.

Having attended Relief Society together for four years, Kaylee and Tracy have enjoyed a LOT of lessons together. While they are good and mean well, they often fell short. Hard topics would get brought up only to get ignored and pushed aside. “Focus back on the lesson” they would say, without the opportunity to grow as sisters. One of the things that have changed recently to improve this is to start asking the hard questions. Time to talk about the struggles, discuss how to be a better sisterhood. With Tracy as the president, it created a safe space for questions, honesty, pain, and hope. In doing this, it brought the Relief Society closer together- and thus closer to Heavenly Father.

Which is our goal!

That is what we want to do with this podcast. We want to create a safe space for hard conversations, so we can laugh through the awkward, and maybe even cry along the way. Anything is possible. On this podcast, we are going to be asking hard questions and looking for answers that will bring us closer to our Heavenly Parents. Taboo topics with a side note of uplifting hope.

It’s time to open Pandora’s Box. From studying the prophets, scriptures, and more, we want to better understand everything within the gospel. That’s what this life is about, and we want to share the journey with you.

“We can’t grow closer to the Lord, and we can’t get to the Celestial Kingdom just by glossing over everything... We want to have a strong, healthy relationship with the Lord.”

How We Want to Move Forward

Though we might be single, our focus will not be on dating. We want to talk about the hard topics, the hot topics, around the world, and inside our hearts. This will include listening to our hearts, others, and a LOT of research.

If anyone has anything that they would like to share with us, topics that we should discuss, then please feel free to reach out to us at any time! We are active on social media and love hearing from our listeners.

We have guests lined up for future episodes, too, who will help us along the way and offer up their two cents. Conservative discussions and feminist discussions will come along, though we do strive for a balance through our content.

Join us on our crazy adventure! It’s going to be an exciting journey of growing spiritually, building our testimonies, and becoming better people. We’re here for it, all of it, and we are so ready.

And don’t forget to smash the patriarchy with the Spirit and a smile.

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